Eastern Advantage

Even the most successful companies face a significant issue – uncollected revenues.

While new service offerings and expanding customer bases are good for any business, they come with a price:  customers who are unwilling, or unable, to pay their bills.  The issue of uncollected revenue is becoming pervasive in all different types of industries, seriously impacting bottom-line revenues.
Eastern Account System helps companies recover the revenues they are entitled to by providing customized collection or contact services that deliver results.  Our recovery specialists have experience working in even the most challenging collection environments, successfully recouping client revenues day in and day out.  Working with some of the most respected companies in industries that include cable, telecom and healthcare, our liquidation and save rate is at the top of our industry.
Eastern Account System maintains corporate offices in Newtown, CT and is entirely based in the United States.  Nothing is outsourced.  Our staff of collection specialists, account representatives and customer service personnel will work with you to create a customized collection program that best suits your company’s needs.