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With more people turning to cable for their voice, video and internet needs, cable service providers face a mounting problem – account delinquencies.  Nearly 66 million households subscribe to cable and the revenue losses created by unpaid accounts are seriously impacting bottom-line profits.  Eastern Account System provides customized solutions for every step of the collection timeline.  We are proud to partner with some of the most respected companies in the cable and communications industry.

First-Party Contact Solutions

With Exclusive Technological Innovations developed specifically for the Cable Industry, there’s a reason why Eastern is considered one of the premier collection companies in the industry. We strive to be the best in customer service, and stay on top of new technology to enhance our already impressive array of collection techniques. A strong Customer Retention Plan can prevent collection issues before they arise. Eastern has set the standard in Pre-Collection Services, employing a number of effective and pro-active measures to prevent potentially delinquent accounts.

Eastern works diligently with each client to set down Pre-Collection objectives and strategies, which requires little to no involvement from the staff of the cable company. All our friendly agents are expertly trained to establish trusting relationships with each call. This enables them to work with customers to formulate payment solutions, while maintaining a powerful customer relationship.

Our Customized Pre-Collection Call Center Services are incredibly unique within the collection industry. Other collection agencies may lower their rates by not accepting in-bound calls, but Eastern realizes the advantage of such a service, coupled with the effectiveness of out-bound calling. We establish a customized approach to customer calling, which allows our client’s call centers to concentrate on service calls.

Eastern practices only the most stringent safety precautions when dealing with payment reconciliation. The private information of customers is secured because there is absolutely no transmission of information, as each payment is transferred directly into the client’s system.

The Pre-Collection Service provides a host of benefits to cable companies:

  • Customized Call Center Services, including in-bound calls
  • All collection agents are ACA trained, friendly and motivated
  • Seamless and secure integration of accounting systems
  • Strict safety regulations when dealing with payments (PCI compliant)
  • Payment made directly to the clients system
  • Customized amnesty programs (upon request)

This exceptional blend of services is sure to increase customer retention and prevent delinquent accounts from arising.

Field Collection Services

Field Collection has become an important tool in recovering cable equipment and reducing capital cost. While many collection companies can offer field collection services, Eastern Account System has surpassed the industry with its unique field collection strategy.

Each professionally trained collection specialist is educated in the laws of Field Collections (FDCPA) and armed with proven techniques to ensure the best possibility for equipment retrieval. The seamless integration between business entities helps increase overall productivity and reduce inefficiencies. Unsurprisingly, many of our clients view Eastern as an integral extension of their own team.

All our services are specifically engineered to meet the unique needs of each cable company. Eastern’s specialized staff is based in the same geographical location as the cable company, with a customized hierarchy devised for that district. Security techniques are also implemented to ensure complete confidentiality for our clients and their customers.

There’s a reason why Eastern is considered one of the premiere collection companies in the industry. Our revolutionary EZretriev™ automated system is the latest cutting-edge device in our arsenal. This customized software calls a customer, and then schedules a convenient pick-up time for equipment retrieval with a simple press of a button. The scheduled time is then directly communicated to the field collector who will recover the equipment. As a result, the EZretriev™ system effectively alleviates needless follow-up calls and rescheduling.

The collection approach engineered by Eastern has been specially formulated to provide outstanding benefits to cable companies:

  • Specially trained collection experts
  • All field collectors educated in laws of Field Collections (FDCPA)
  • Seamless integration helps increase productivity and reduce inefficiencies
  • Strict safety regulations when dealing with payments (PCI compliant)
  • Field collectors employed where customers live
  • Exclusive EZretriev™ automated software system
  • One-stop data and analysis reporting

The combination of these enhanced services and industry innovations are sure to provide remarkable results in field collection. To learn more about Eastern Account System and our services for the cable industry, please call us at 800.750.6343.

Our revolutionary EZretriev™ system is the latest cutting- edge tool in our arsenal. With the cable industry expressing an increased demand for retrieving unreturned equipment, EZretriev was created to efficiently increase cable equipment availability. This customized system telephones a customer, and schedules a convenient pick-up time for equipment retrieval with the simple press of a button. The scheduled time is then communicated to the field representative who will recover the equipment. As a result, the EZretriev™ system effectively alleviates needless follow up calls and rescheduling.

Combined with our internal call center for maximum support, Eastern delivers the most effective solution in retrieving cable equipment for your business.

Benefits of EZretriev™

  • Efficient touch tone scheduling system
  • Automated appointment confirmation sent directly to Field Collector
  • Designated Field Collector Team located in your area
  • Increased equipment recovery to meet client demand
  • Reduced annual Capital Expense