Call Center Services

Companies that do not provide satisfactory customer service through their in-house collections call centers run a significant risk.

They not only jeopardize the relationships they've built with their customers, they may also damage their company's reputation. The overall impact of this can range from lost customers to a lost business.

The collection specialists from Eastern Account System are specially trained to execute recovery strategies with quality, integrity and complete respect for your customers. Our proprietary approach to collections will not only meet your business objectives, it will also protect your company's brand image and customer base.

Eastern Account System provides specialized call center services to your customers, including:

  • Full-time Customer Service Representatives servicing your business (many are bilingual)
  • Voice analysis solution to detect and analyze emotion levels between agents and customers
  • Full day and night coverage
  • Fully licensed, bonded and insured nationwide
  • Industry-best collection and skip tracing software
  • Industry-best Contact Management System
  • Fully PCI compliant
  • First Call Resolution

Put the experience and integrity of Eastern Account System's revenue recovery professionals to work for you. Our call center specialists will help you recoup uncollected revenues immediately, improving your company's bottom line.